Audio/Video Recording

Expand your education portfolio. You've made a significant investment by hosting a live conference or event. Maximize your profits by having it professionally recorded and re-distributed as an on-demand program.

Our professional team of A/V experts work with your staff to develop a plan for recording the event, are always prepared with the necessary equipment, and on hand to ensure the recording is executed perfectly. Our process ensures that your viewers are given a product that is polished and suited to their learning style.  

Our work doesn't stop there. We bring your event full circle by putting it in the hands of your customers. We'll make your program accessible online once it's been edited and enhanced with the slides or materials that you would like to make available. You can offer the sessions to attendees for free or at a discounted rate, while also ensuring that no one has to miss the content due to financial or time limitations.

With our quick turn-around, we can have your program up and selling in no time. We can even have the program setup months before your event so all we have to do is plug in the audio or video. Just tell us how you'd like to price it and we'll take care of the rest. 

Features & Benefits

  • Audio/Video Recording is done with on-demand in mind so the transfer to the Web is seamless.
  • Consultation. We will consult with you to make sure we have the best recording for your event. We modify our approach based on your program’s setup.
  • Execution. We boast a quick turn-around time once the recording is in hand and offer re-packaging and re-sell services for on-demand programs.