Accounts Receivable

The perfect gift for the accountant who has it all. Your Website doesn't need to be a burden on your accountant. All MemberCentral applications with commerce can plug right into our A/R system for seamless tracking of sales, cash receipts, adjustments and even credits or balances.

Code transactions at the most granular level you desire using account or GL codes. Each application, such as Event Registration or your store, will have codes that you define for more accurate book-keeping.

What's an A/R without fancy charts and reports? Standard reports are readily available to help you track all transactions that occur through the site, view members with balances, and more. Each report provides an export option for integration with third-party accounting software.

An archive of financial history is also stored with each member record for a quick overview of their purchases.


Features & Benefits

  • Account Code Reports groups and totals transactions by account code based on a date range.
  • Cash Receipts Reports total payments applied to sales based on a date range.
  • Credit Balance Reports lists all accounts that have credit balances. Issue refunds directly from the site.
  • Gross Sales Reports totals sales that occur at your site based on a date range.
  • Outstanding Balance Reports will list all accounts that have an outstanding balances. Apply payments to unpaid transaction directly from the site.
  • Payment Reports will list payments and related transactions based on a date range and filtered by batch code and/or payment method.
  • Transaction Reports will list transactions based on a date range and filtered by type, account code, or member.
  • Voids/Refunding can be performed directly from the A/R. Resulting credit balances can be posted directly to a credit card or other payment type.
  • Multiple Merchant Profiles are supported and can be tracked in the A/R with their own account codes.
  • Secure Payment Info does not reveal sensitive credit card information to your staff.
  • Member A/R History is stored and can be quickly retrieved by viewing a member's profile.