Calendars & Event Registration

Manage all of your events in just one place. A searchable event calendar is a great place to promote all of your upcoming events regardless of whether they accept registration. Customize each event with details about the speakers, sessions, locations, rates and more.

Streamlined registration makes perfect $ense. Frustrated users can have a direct impact on your bottom line. The less hoops they have to jump through, the more likely they are to register for one or several events.

We've simplified the registration process by asking registrants for only basic information such as their last name and first name. Our system will find and link the registration to their account so you can build a history, track the financial information, and even determine what rates to show.

This is all done without requiring that the registrant login to the site. Just imagine how drastically your online registrations will increase!

Registration doesn't just end with payment. After the event has passed, your staff can view the list of registrants for each event and indicate who actually participated. Tracking this information creates a history for the registrant that they can access on your site, allows you to award CE credit, and provide customizable certificates of attendance.

Features & Benefits

  • Event Categories are used to filter through the different types of events on your calendar.
  • Calendar Formats allow you to choose from a list of upcoming events or traditional calendar display.
  • Event Details can be customized with dates, times, and full descriptions of the event.
  • Sponsor Details are stored for each event for quick reference in other events.
  • Registration Time determines when an event is open for registration. An expiration message automatically appears once the event has passed.
  • Registration Caps automatically turn registration off for an event once it has reached capacity.
  • Rate Selection controls whether all available rates are shown or only the ones a registrant qualifies for based on their membership type or other criteria.
  • RSVP can be activated for events that do not require a registrant to pick a rate
  • Email Notifications are sent to staff each time someone registers for your event. You decide who is notified for each event.
  • Payment Control assigns acceptable methods of payment for an event such as credit card (real-time and offline processing), e-check, and more.
  • Custom Fields allow you to go beyond just registration. Ask for meal preferences, sell dinner tickets, or even build guest lists.
  • Credit Management is used to track and award CE credit to those who attend your live events. You define the credit available for each event.
  • Syndication makes posting events to multiple calendars a breeze. Syndicate just one event, a category of events, or all events between calendars.
  • Event Reporting Tools generate a detailed export of registrants and transactions. Use the list to create name badges or track sales performance.
  • Attendance Tracking builds a history for each member that can be displayed on the site or export a list of attendees to send post-seminar evals.
  • Offline Registrations can track all registrations and payment in one place even if they didn't occur at the Web site.
  • Event Sharing gives registrants an easy way to post links about your event on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.