Get your members interacting with their committees. Communities give member groups a private area to share information and communicate that is easily accessible on your site.

Members can post and exchange documents at their group page and upload photos and videos. They can also manage and post messages to their group list server. Its their own little world.

It’s all about empowering your members. Designate one of the community members as the admin of their area and they can update the homepage, export the group’s directory, administer file sharing, add events to the calendar and even post announcements for the group.

And, the Communities feature conveniently operates outside of the rest of the Social Networking tools. We can help you set up communities on your site that serve as stand-alone areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Member Admins, such as the committee head or chair, can be designated to manage the community area.
  • Announcements can be posted in the Announcements tab on the community page. The community admin can also schedule announcements to be sent out as e-mails to the community.
  • Member Directory can be customized with any and all community member information, and can be exported by the group admin.
  • List Server. Each community has its own list server which can be managed by the community admin.
  • Calendar. Events can be posted on the calendar that can only be viewed by community members.
  • File Share. Members can upload and share documents in a wide variety of electronic formats.
  • Photo/Video Gallery. Community members can post and share photos and videos with the community.
  • Blog Tool. Each community member can display personal blog posts for the rest of the community to view.
  • Customizable Features. Each community area can be customized to fit the needs of that specific group or committee.
  • Access is to the community is based on member data, and members are able to request to join the various communities.