Digital Demand Software
Reduce your law firm’s demand preparation costs and increase case recoveries
What is a Digital Demand
  • Powerful new desktop tool that helps trial lawyers create compelling, digital demands on DVD!
  • A Digital Demand Replaces traditional paper-based legal demand packages and can include the letter to the insurance adjuster, plaintiff summary, initial demand, and copies of all medical documents, accident reconstructions, videos, photo slideshows and more.
Ease your law office workflow
  • Assemble all documents into electronic format
  • Import your documents, audio statements, images and more using the simple digital demand button interface
  • Set a demand expiration date
  • Burn your demand and send to adjuster
  • Demand can be played without any special software
  • Send the CD to the Adjuster
  • The Adjuster inserts CD into CD Rom and your digital demand will run on their computer
Benefits to your law office
  • Reduces the lawyer’s demand preparation costs
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Potentially increases client recoveries.\
Digital Demand Software
Digital Demand Software is free to download and your first demand is free. Please visit with any questions or contact the number below to speak with someone regarding Digital Demand.