Can’t remember a member’s e-mail address or phone number? That’s what the directory is for! Your association directories give your members ways to find and contact their colleagues. They can also be a great referral service for the general public.

You can customize the directories to show only certain information about members or you can grant members permission to post their own information. You can also designate your directories private (for members only) or public.

Your directories are also searchable. You can customize the search results to display only the information you are looking for. Then, you can select a specific member displayed within your search results to view their personal profile.  


Features & Benefits

  • vCards allow members to add directory listings to their personal address books in their Email clients.
  • MapIt provides a quick link to view a member’s office address on Google Maps
  • Photos can be added to a member’s profile for display in a directory
  • Badging is an easy way to give a particular group of members further recognition in the directory. An icon can be displayed to highlight their status.
  • Sorting can be setup based on membership levels and other variables
  • Syncing keeps your directory up to date with your membership database
  • Profile Update gives your members a way to keep their membership information up to date. Other fields besides basic contact information can also be updated based on your preference. For example, areas of practice or communication preferences.
  • Profile Changes are sent to your staff via Email. The Email will show you what field was changed by the member and what it contained before and after the change was made.
  • Permissions can be assigned to each directory, giving you the ability to decide who can view and is included in the directory.