We make sure your site is completely protected. MemberCentral ensures that your site is fully redundant with multiple Web servers and your documents and pages are backed up in near real-time. We prepare off-site tape back-ups on a weekly basis for quick recovery.

Any pages on your site can be set to be displayed only in SSL encrypted format. Additionally, we require that all commerce transactions be handled by SSL. Pages can also be enabled and disabled for encryption within the site. Pages and document downloads can be restricted to individuals or groups of members providing maximum flexibility and content control for your content.

We help you manage one or more domains while you retain ownership and control. You may also choose to have other Websites which we can also host.

Green Data Center

MemberCentral's servers are hosted at OnRamp, the first Data Center in Texas powered by 100% green energy though Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® program. As an Austin Energy GreenChoice® Champion, 100% of OnRamp’s power comes from renewable energy such as wind power.

OnRamp's commitment to energy efficiency goes beyond utilizing green power.  Investing in new green technology, right-sizing the Data Center's physical infrastructure and devices to the load and designing an energy-efficient system are all techniques OnRamp has employed to help reduce power consumption.  The company recently completed improvements in the design and implementation of its cooling system, leading to a reduction in electricity and an increase in reliability.  More efficient power equipment, including best-in-class uninterrupted power supply system (UPS), air handling and surge suppression units ensure that OnRamp's Data Center consumes less energy.