Job Bank

A great way to add value to your membership and create a new revenue stream for your organization. Members can easily post new job opportunities or their resumes to a searchable database on your site.

Resumes are always free to post, but you decide how much (if at all) you want to charge to post job openings. Both are displayed on the site based on the number of days you allow for listings.

Job Openings
Potential employers can include information on how to apply, detailed information about the position, and minimum qualifications the ideal applicant must meet.

Candidates can build a resume and include contact information, education, work experience, and the type of position they are seeking. A Word or PDF version of their resume can also be uploaded directly to the site.


Features & Benefits

  • Resume Builder is a simple form candidates can use to provide information about themselves and they type of position they are seeking.
  • Job Postings can be added by employers for free or a fee that your organization defines.
  • Categories are used to organize both resumes and openings. It provides an easy way to filter through both.
  • Automatic Expiration of jobs and resumes is based on the number of days you want to keep the listing active.
  • Search for jobs and resumes by type, category, date posted, location, and more.
  • Permissions allow you to control who can post resumes, who can post jobs, and how much each group must pay to add a job posting.
  • User Agreement is shown to members adding jobs or resumes to the job bank.
  • Notification Emails are sent to staff each time a resume or job posting has been submitted.