Title Library

When you have to have it right now. Let the Internet do what it does best -- provide instant access to information and resources when you want it. Our multi-media title library can help you do just that by leveraging all of your non-credit educational materials, papers, videos, podcasts and more. 

No more worrying about postage or spending time manually fulfilling orders. Just provide us your content and we'll do the rest. That means setting up the products, building the pricing for each item, listing item descriptions and author bios, and even providing your customers with toll-free technical support. 

Have we mentioned how easy it is to browse and search the library? Your clients can find content by keyword, author or subject published date. Browsing by author and subject lets them peruse your entire library to get a better idea of what's available and quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Access eliminates the need for manual fulfillment. Clients can download video, audio, papers, podcasts, journal articles and more.
  • Managed Solution means you simply provide the content, pricing, and description. SeminarWeb staff will setup the title in your Website's library.
  • Search or Browse based on keyword, author, published date or subject. Clients can also quickly browse content by author or subject.
  • Author Bios include a photo and full text intro. Each author can is stored in our system and can be associated with multiple titles or used for browsing content.
  • Turn-key Registration allows you to create your own pricing model, including discounted bundles, and sell titles at your site or via toll-free call.
  • Syndicate your content to other sites to increase your reach and potential market.
  • My History feature will track all purchases for your clients and allow them to access content multiple times at your Website from one centralized location.