Live Webinars

Create an engaging experience for your members and save them money in the process. The growing popularity of webinars is due, in large part, to the convenience and cost-savings it creates for your members. As travel budgets dwindle, more of your members will look for alternatives that offer just as much, if not more, than your live events.

Won't that compete with our live programs? Although this is a common and occasionally valid concern for meeting planners, the truth is that some (not all) members will still attend your live programs, primarily for one reason: networking.

Coupling webinars with your live events can only be beneficial to your association. It establishes you as a one-stop shop for all of your members’ CE needs. If your members aren’t able to get their credits from you, they will get them elsewhere.

Lower your Time-to-Market (TTM). Think of how long it takes to plan and setup a live event. That late-breaking topic could take weeks, if not months, to educate your members about. Our staff of experts can have your webinar ready in as little as a week.

Our staff can setup the webinar, help you market it, train the speaker, and even moderate it in just a week. All you need to do is come up with a great topic that will draw a crowd.

Features & Benefits

  • Registration occurs at your site or a site that is branded under your organization. Members can also call to register, even after the program has started.
  • Multi-Level Pricing is available for member and non-member pricing or at various levels you define.
  • Toll-Free Support means your members can call or email our expert support staff for help with anything. We offer 24/7 ticketing and strive to solve or answer every issue or question by the end of each business day.
  • Automated Notif­ications are used to send participants instructions, materials, reminders and evaluations.
  • Speaker Training is provided during technical rehearsal sessions scheduled and run by SeminarWeb staff. Speakers can participate from multiple locations.
  • Certificates are automatically provided to attendees and added to their My History page for reprinting.
  • Accreditation standards are maintained using various monitoring and control functions.
  • Up to 1,000 Participants are supported and their questions are professionally queued and moderated by an operator. Real-time polling and chat also available to increase engagement.
  • Reliable and Accessible Online Programs are achieved by separating the Web and phone components.
  • Real-time Screen Capture of the speaker's desktop creates a better learning experience than just basic slides.
  • Recorded on multiple computers so that content can be repurposed and converted to on-demand or a CD at no additional cost.
  • Security Pins can be used to limit participants to a single phone connection and increase security. Automated monitoring also verifies attendance on both the Web and audio portions.
  • PC & Mac computers are both supported.