Member Profiles

Let your members display their personal and professional information. You can create custom fields for your members which allow them to input information beyond the standard fields. If they want, members can display personal information, information about their background, list their professional licenses and more.

Using the Membership tool, you can create a custom member directory using a myriad of optional data sets. The additional data can also help your staff members generate reports if your subscriptions are tied to the custom fields.

No more incorrect e-mails or old office addresses. Choose to display the custom fields on your site and allow members to update their own data.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable Fields can be created for any type of data you wish to display
  • Display Fields on your Website and allow your members to update them whenever their information changes.
  • Licenses. List and display your members’ professional licenses.
  • Basing Subscriptions on data fields allows your staff members to generate custom reports of specific group members with the custom fields.
  • Change Log. Review changes made to a member’s record, who made the change and view the prior information as well.