Your members have some great connections. Know them. Our Connections tool helps you collect information on the relationships between your members, and their relationships with outside groups and organizations. Track your members’ affiliations with charitable organizations, political leaders and parties and more.  

You can then tag those relationship types with a label (coworker, constituent, donor, supporter, etc.) to get a better understanding of your members’ professional associations.

Make those relationships work for your association. By knowing who your members are affiliated with, you can implement strategies for membership recruitment and cultivate your association’s relationships with various organizations or legislative officers.

Features & Benefits

  • Track Relationships between your members and display them as a field in your member profiles
  • Track Affiliations your members have with charitable organizations, political parties and leaders and other relevant figures and groups.
  • Designate staff members to manage and edit the Connections records in the member profiles.
  • Use the relationships to add value to your organization.