Search Engine

As Google© has proven, search can be a very powerful thing. MemberCentral has spent more than a decade refining it's search features to provide an experience like no other. The driving force behind our search platform is the concept of a single search.

With just a single search, your users are connected to content that is not only well organized, but is relevant. Dumping a ton of obscure links isn't going to help your visitors find anything but the nearest exit. Make their visit a fruitful one and you'll soon have them coming back for more.

No stone is left unturned. By performing a search, members instantly scan all pages, documents, file-shares, jobs & resumes, custom databases, webinars, member directories, store products, calendar events, and even your social network.

That's a lot of data, isn't it? That's why each area has it's own folder to organize the results. The number of matches are shown next to the corresponding folder to alert the user that there is relevant information.

No matter which folder you choose to start your search, all folders will be scanned to ensure that nothing is ever overlooked.

This just in: Search is an excellent recruitment tool. You heard right. Any visitor can perform a search on your site to see what's available. However, secure content will remain secure until they login. It's the perfect carrot to dangle in front of prospective members.


Features & Benefits

  • One Search means no matter where you start your search, all content is scanned for matches.
  • Tailored Search Fields are specific to the type of content you're searching. All folders include keyword searching.
  • Custom Search Folders can be created for any group of content you would like to separate within your site's search engine.
  • Secure Content found in your search remains locked unless you're logged in, but the number of matches is always shown to promote the content.
  • Page & Document Metadata improves indexing of your content and descriptions are used in results to distinguish content.
  • Relevancy is used to sort search results, but additional sorting criteria can be added for custom search folders.
  • Keyword Fields allow you to return matches that contain all words provided, a phrase, at least one word provided, and without certain words.