Social Network

Help your members connect and learn more about each other. Our internal social network platform allows your members to build their own profiles and reach out and connect with other members in other areas of your association.

Social networking allows your members to build relationships with each other on a personal level. Helping your members get to know each other personally brings added value to your association.  

Members can share bit of their personal lives with their colleagues. Your members can build their profiles to contain various bits of personal information, including education, work experience, family and more. Members can also upload photos and videos and share blog posts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Integrated at your site. Our social networking platform can be built into your site so members don’t have to navigate elsewhere to participate.
  • Member Profiles can be built to display any detailed information the member desires.
  • Photos and Videos can be uploaded by members to their profiles and then shared with other colleagues across the network.
  • Updates are sent out to members about their colleagues’ activity on the network.
  • Messages. Members can send private messages to members they are connected to.
  • Member Blog Posts can be posted on profiles and shared between connected members.