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Online Store Receives Major Upgrades
Several enhancements have been released for the online store on the MemberCentral site-hosting platform. Here's a summary of what's been added:

Electronic Delivery of Store Products
You can now deliver your papers electronically by attaching them to a store product in the Control Panel. After the product is purchased, the customer will receive an Email receipt prompting them to login to the "My Purchases" area of the store to download their files. You can also resend the Email receipt from the Control Panel whenever you like.

Group-Based Pricing for Products
The store now lets you control which members see which rates for a product by defining rate types, or "price codes", and tying those price codes to a group of members. When purchasing a product, members will see the rate defined for the price code(s) they qualify for. If they qualify for more than one price code then they are prompted to choose one.

Discount Pricing During Special Events
Each rate that you define for a store product can have special pricing based on a specific start and end date that you provide. The price override feature will automatically switch to the special pricing, typically a sale price, and then switch it back to the normal rate once the end date has passed.

Sub-Categorization for Cleaner Display
The store just became a lot easier to navigate! You can now define any number of sub-categories to place your products in and we also give customers a quick count of how many products are in a category. Finding a product will be much easier so start thinking about how you would like to organize your store.

Customizable Shipping Preferences
The store can now support different levels of shipping based on the options your organization provides. For each product and price code you can set a "Per Item" and "Per Shipment" price for each shipping method defined. The customer will be able to select their shipping option once they add a product to their cart. As more items are added to the cart, the shipping & handling will be updated to reflect the total shipping amount. If multiple products are purchased, the item with the highest "Per Shipment" price will be used.