Never lose track of your member’s dues, and when they owe it, again. The Subscriptions feature allows you to track anything that requires payment within your association. Use the Subscriptions feature to automatically create invoices and manage income and payments.

You can also designate how you allow your members to pay their dues. You can require the payments in a lump sum, or set up payment plans that allow your members to pay their dues over a period of time.

Dues and subscription groups are period sensitive, relating to a specific date range. For example, if your dues for a year are paid from January 1 to December 31, you will be “Active” for that period and automatically placed in the active group for that specific subscription.

Basically, it’s a great way to quickly report on active and inactive members and seamlessly control and manage all of your Website resources. The system automatically generates and initiates the renewal process for members as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Dues can be structured for one-time payments or a payment plan can be designated for members.
  • Subscriptions/Dues can also be based on complex formulas to automatically calculate the annual fee.
  • GL Codes can be assigned to track payments and dues, and the codes can be assigned for all your groups and subgroups. Then use the codes to export you data.
  • Member Status. Easily keep track of your active and inactive members and automatically generate renewal information for members.
  • PCI Compliance. Our system is in complete compliance with PCI Security Council Standards.
  • Permissions can be assigned to any of your staff members, which allow them to view, edit, track and manage your subscriptions.
  • Renewals. Members can renew their memberships online through subscriptions, and can manage and update their member record at the time of renewal.
  • Accept Advertising funds and set up a subscription to manage and track your various advertisers.
  • Payments can be applied to an invoice to show a reduced or fully paid balance.
  • Historical Data is kept for all your subscriptions which can be exported for analysis.