Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. With the Task feature you can track your staff’s correspondence and communication with members. It’s an efficient way to respond to member calls and to track your responses.

When your system for communicating with your members is organized, it can decrease your response time and help you efficiently deal with members. Our Task tool creates a unified approach for your communication efforts, allowing you to give your members the attention they deserve.

Timely responses mean happy members and a successful association. Log member requests in your system and assign them task types (open, pending, resolved, etc.) to make sure that their needs are addressed.

Features & Benefits

  • Track correspondence by assigning messages task types (open, pending, resolved, etc) so you know which member questions have been addressed.
  • Access to past communication is open to all your staff members anyone can view past correspondence with a member.
  • Assign tasks to any of your staff members in “My Tasks.”
  • Monitor E-mail Campaigns by tracking views and responses.
  • Respond efficiently to member requests and track your communication with them.
  • Export your task info into a CSV file using the Reports feature.