Website Account Manager

Flexible enough to work with your organization's membership database. Sync your member data with a MemberCentral hosted Web site to automate the process of creating accounts for new members, expiring inactive members, and keeping members' profiles and access rights up-to-date. We offer a number of integration options all tailored to fit your organization's needs.

Track, display, and update member information on your Website. Members can login to view and update their profile including multiple addresses such as work and home, contact information and any additional fields that you provide. Data fields can even be stored entirely on the Web site if your membership database doesn't support them.

With an unlimited number of fields at your disposal, you can build detailed profiles for your on-line member directories, give members access to content or communities, and even provide online dues renewal or invoicing.

Groups give you the level of control needed to manage your site. Mapping your data fields to user groups makes it easy to assign permissions to members only content. Each MemberCentral application also has unique features you can control through group permissions.

For example, with event registration you control the rates a member sees based on the groups they belong to. Those groups can be a function of membership type, committee memberships, and so on.



Features & Benefits

  • Data Syncing ensures all active members have access to your Website by dynamically creating new member accounts and expiring inactive members.
  • New User Notifications are sent via Email to welcome new members and provide login instructions.
  • Password Reset is a secure way for members to retrieve and reset their login in case they forget it.
  • Unlimited Data Fields support any type of information you store on your members as well as multiple address types, documents, images and a detailed bio.
  • Dynamic Directories can be built using your member data. Customize who appears in each directory and what information is displayed.
  • Photos & Badging beef up your directory listings and provide further recognition for members.
  • Profile Manager allow members to update any information you allow them to. Changes are made in real-time on the site and sent to staff via Email.
  • Guest Accounts can be created by non-members to track registration history, purchases, and site activity.
  • Merging accounts can be helpful when members or non-members have duplicate records.
  • Groups can be created with parent/child relationships to easily manage access to content, registration rates, and other functions on your site.