Create a webinar series featuring nationally recognized lawyers, experts, and celebrity speakers for bar associations.


Mechanics of the Program

  1. The program features unique speakers, celebrities or experts, on topics that might not otherwise be offered.

  2. Participating bars recruit national speakers and recommend them to SeminarWeb.

  3. SeminarWeb provides each participating bar with a quarterly opt-in list of 12 programs, including information to facilitate CLE approval.

  4. SeminarWeb fully manages speakers, webinars, marketing and registration for the program, including issuance of CLE credit certificates with instructions based on each bar.

  5. Bar associations feature programs in a new web portal provided free by SeminarWeb, integrated with the bar association’s website, or fully integrated if the bar site is hosted by MemberCentral.

Key Benefits

  1. No risk offering that helps bar associations bring celebrity speakers and contemporary topics.

  2. Opportunity for bars to feature key attorneys in a nationally recognized syndicated series.

  3. A unique and creative mix of programming not normally offered at most bars.

  4. Fully managed by SeminarWeb, all risks and costs are the responsibility of SeminarWeb.

  5. Revenues from the program could be substantial based on the number of participating bars, with little to no overhead from participating bars.

Financial Structure

  1. Registrant fees for the webinar series:

    1. $99 for members

    2. $129 for non-members

  2. The bar association recruiting a speaker for the national series would earn 25% of the registrant fee from every single registrant nationally for that speaker.

  3. The bar association opting in and featuring a program would earn 43% for each registrant at their Website or portal.

  4. SeminarWeb would retain 32% for each registrant, and would handle all registrant, monies, accounting and royalty payments to participating bars bi-monthly.


  1. We currently manage several national programs, including the nation’s largest trial lawyer series, which generates a little over $1 Million annually. This group represents about 60k trial attorneys in the US & Canada.

  2. The Trial Lawyer series has been running for more than a decade and continues to grow in popularity each year. Our support is highly rated and speakers appreciate the training and level of engagement our staff provides from rehearsals to the live presentation.