Many of our applications support E-Commerce including event registration, online store, job bank and your membership forms. Members can provide payment using a credit card or e-check if your organization allows it.

Payment transactions are secured with SSL encryption and processed in real-time using a payment gateway that is linked to your merchant account. The details of the sale and payment transactions are automatically stored in the accounts receivable module for easy access and review.

Adhering to PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

PCI compliance was instituted to protect consumers' credit card data, which is frequently captured at Websites with eCommerce. If you store credit card data on your site, your bank or merchant account provider may require that you meet the PCI DSS standards that were developed by the PCI Security Standards Council in order to continue doing business. Sites that are not compliant can be fined up to $5,000 per credit card stolen if a breach of credit card data occurs.

To minimize the onerous costs of compliance and to reduce your organization's potential liability, we have instituted "credit card tokenization." This method simplifies your compliance by storing your customers' credit card data at a Payment Gateway facility rather than your Website. The customer experience is no different and the payment gateway sends back a token that you can use for future transactions and recurring billing at your site.

With tokenization we end up with a highly secure, PCI compliant system. Neither your staff, nor the member can ever see the entire card data number that is being stored for them at the gateway. And, if your Website is every breached, credit card data could not be stolen.