MemberCentral Blog

Posted on: Aug 12, 2016

Merge All Member Fields Into Email Blasts

MemberCentral has expanded the fields that can be merged into the subject line and body of Emails using the Email Blast tool. In addition to name fields, you can also merge address information, Emails, websites, phone numbers, and any custom field used to track member info. New advanced merge fields are also being developed to insert dynamic content such as a list of past due invoices, upcoming events, new store products, and more!

Schedule Recurring Email Blasts

The new recurring feature lets you schedule emails to go out automatically, however often you like. Define the frequency of the email using advancement formulas such as "weekly, monthly, first of every month" and the email will go out to individuals that meet your criteria. For example, you can send an Email reminding individuals that they have a past due invoice once a week and they will only receive it if they actually have a past due invoice at time of sending. It can even create an automated drip campaign to help engage members through more consistent updates on benefits available to them.