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Posted on: Feb 28, 2018

Registrant Custom Fields

You should notice three key changes on the Fields tab for an event: 

1) Custom fields are now split between fields shown before the rate selection screen and those shown during the rate selection process.

This was formerly displayed as Step 1 or Step 2 when adding a custom field. This change was made to help alleviate any confusion as to when a field will be presented to the registrant.

2) Adding a field will now ask if you plan to monetize the field, meaning the field's data values can generate additional fees. Your selection will dictate which types of fields are available for you to use. The list of fields displayed on the Fields Tab will also indicate whether it is "Monetary" or "NonMonetary" without having to edit the field.

3) We have standardized the way custom field values are stored. This resulted in more options for storing field responses. For example, a drop-down can have multiple quantity options, which is a data type that can be summed. Choosing a data type of text for a drop-down field would not allow for summing, even if numbers are entered for the values. This will be an important distinction as future enhancements are made to reports and other areas within the control panel.