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Posted on: Aug 14, 2019

A number of tools now help you manage failed credit card payments.  For starters, if a member is having problems charging a card, a log of failed payments will appear at the bottom of the invoices tab for each member, or in a system-wide Accounting Report called Failed Payments.  You can also create a group or report that identifies all members with a closed invoice having a balance with a failed payment status - these are critical to monitor because an invoice is due, yet the associated card has failed.  Using this same filter, you can create a mail blast asking members to update credit cards that are failing, along with a merge code If you have trouble with the link provided above, copy and paste the following into your browser's address bar: so that members can simply click and easily update their payment info. Taking automation further, you can automate email reminders to go out regularly to members with failed payments, eliminating weekly or monthly steps for your team.