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Posted on: Aug 10, 2019

Contributions can replace Subscriptions, particularly for giving programs that are on-going; that means you never have to renew subscriptions - once a member joins the giving program, billing is automated into the future until the giving program is cancelled.  Giving you the power to create your own contribution forms is particularly valuable, and reduces your costs. Plus, you can clone forms, and create "special interest" campaigns quickly and easily. 

Recurring contribution programs is the most common type of giving program. But you may want members to set limits on their contribution amounts, or control the number of months they will contribute. Your foundation may have specific giving programs. Perhaps you have a building campaign.  Perhaps you want to give members options to allocate their funds.  And you may want to require contributors to make their payments in no more than 24 months, or let the member customize their own payment plan.

Some organizations have several different options within their contribution program. They may want members to prioritize giving into a primary fund, then after a certain amount of money is contributed, all contributions roll over into a second fund, and perhaps after another limit, roll into a third fund, all within a certain date range that may relate to a campaign period or the association's fiscal year.  In some cases organizations let members choose how to allocate their giving to various programs.