MemberCentral Blog

Posted on: Aug 28, 2019

all Sheets lets you create a separate PDF history report of selected prospects or members for use in phone banks, fundraising campaigns, or even a nominating committee that wants to consider member activity. The report lets you customize how you want to display member history, as well as financial giving, in a single report. Each report by prospect starts on a new page so you can easily print and use the Call Sheets at Phone Banks and meetings. 

Besides biographical data, one of the first things you can feature are Group Names to help solicitors and fundraisers focus on key factors or objectives with each prospect. You can include financial giving history over a period of time, or a member’s comparative giving history over three years, even allowing you to choose the specific type of financial giving. You can include Event History, Notes, Subscriptions, History, Relationships, Groups, Custom Fields, Fundraising Programs and more. You may even want to import third-party data from other sources to use within the report.